SolSource Sun Powered Grill

SolSource Solar Grill

The majority of Americans will barbecue at some point during this holiday weekend, so why not harness the power of the summer sun to do your cooking? The SolSource solar grill from One Earth Designs will grill, steam, bake, boil, or fry your favorite foods outdoors. 

Last 4th of July, American barbecues generated more CO2 on that single day than many African nations produce in an entire year. SolSource generates zero emissions while still grilling your steaks to perfection, and best of all, you don’t need to wait for the coals to get hot, or worry that your propane tank will run out.

SolSource is powerful, durable, and easy to use, originally designed and tested with nomads on the Himalayan Plateau. Just point the solar grill towards the sun and start cooking. As long as you can see your shadow, you are ready to cook. 

The SolSource heats up fast and can grill hamburgers in just minutes. The solar grill is made from a black steel base and plastic reflective panels. Weighing around 40 lbs, the SolSource is not exactly a bacpacking grill but great for your patio or even car camping. 

Sustainably manufactured, the SolSource grill is 100% recyclable. Assembled in less than 30 minutes, the solar grill can cook up to a 20L stockpot capacity at one time. 

At a pre-order price of $249, you can reserve your own solar powered grill to be shipped in October. For every SolSource you purchase, you supposedly offset the carbon footprint of four Americans.

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