Primus Eta Lite Personal Camp Stove

Primus Eta Lite

As personal camp stoves become more popular for a variety of outdoor activities, Primus looked for ways to improve on current designs. With the new Eta Lite, Primus reduced the height, enhanced the stability, and designed a secure mounting system, creating a lightweight (355 g) and efficient camp stove perfect for climbing, backpacking, bike touring, or simply to make your morning coffee when camping.

With the new Laminar Flow Burner (LFB) technology, the fuel-oxygen-mix is redirected around a baffle on the way to the burner instead of running vertically up. This enabled Primus to reduce the burner height by 20%, lowering the center of gravity of the entire camp stove and therefore improving stability.

Primus Eta Lite camp stove

The Eta Lite also features a new connection between the pot and the burner, one of the biggest annoyances on most personal camp stoves in my opinion. The innovative Triangle Joint enables you to attach and detach the cooking pot with a simple twist and click. An integrated piezo-igniter lights the stove with a simple click. The Eta Lite comes with 1500 watts output at 78% efficiency, a great choice for single users.

The Eta Lite comes with a hard-anodized aluminum 0.5 L pot with a cover made from felt and an integrated hanging device. The lid of the pot also works as a mug, so you don’t have to pack an extra one with you. An optional coffee press instantly transforms your camp stove into a French press.

The Primus Eta Lite will be available for Spring 2014 and retail around $170.

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  1. I would still not buy this and strongly recommend people looking for a “personal cooking system” (PCS) to look elsewhere. The main reason for my suggestion is Primus’s trademark fuel control knob. Sure it might be easier to get “precise” adjustments, but honestly that doesn’t matter since this stove doesn’t have a regulator. Jetboil tried this on the original PCS but came out with the Flash shortly thereafter amid complaints of people burning their fingers when the pot boiled over.

    Jetboil stoves (except the zip) have the edge in this department solely on having an accessible wire twist knob.

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