Leave The Canisters at Home With Kovea’s EZ Eco Stove

Kovea EZ ECO

Korean company Kovea has come up with yet another solution for all those half-used canisters in your garage. The EZ Eco stove includes a fuel chamber that is refillable so you can continually top it up before leaving home with whatever excess fuel you have lying around.

The EZ Eco stove is a complete personal cooking system than includes a 1.1 liter pot with integrated heat exchanger and the stove base with integrated fuel chamber. The stove section fits inside the pot for compact storage.

The stove runs on both butane or isobutane-propane and can be refilled from either a standard screw thread camping canister or low price MSF-1a (aerosol/nozzle-type) butane canister. It holds enough fuel to boil a 1/2 liter of water about six times — enough for a solo backpacking weekend.

The fuel tank is transparent so you can see how much you have left inside before deciding it needs a refill. A filter valve ensures you can’t overfill the fuel tank and a regulator lock prevents any accidental gas discharge whenever the feet of the stove are in the folded position.

The insulated sleeve and handles ensure you don’t burn yourself when making coffee and the lid locks in place to prevent any spillage when pouring.

The EZ Eco weighs 1 pound, 11 ounces, so not the lightest personal cooking system out there but you do get to leave the canisters at home which adds a huge convenience factor.

The Kovea EZ Eco stove retails for $150 and is available now.

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