Jetboil MiniMo Review

Jetboil MiniMo

Most personal cooking systems are about simply boiling water to rehydrate your backpacker meals or make a cup of coffee. With the new MiniMo stove design, Jetboil actually delivers the ability to simmer. So now you can get a bit more creative with your backcountry meal planning.

​To accomplish the simmer and cold weather performance (down to 20°F), Jetboil redesigned the regulator and valve. The regulator delivers the same output regardless of the amount of liquid gas left in the fuel canister, while a brand new valve on the MiniMo gives you even more control over the flame. For example, on the Sol, you have around 1/3 of a turn range on the valve. This basically enables you to switch the flame on full or off.

By contrast, on the MiniMo, you get 2 1/2 turns or more of control on the valve. This amount of control takes some getting used to, as you have to turn the valve a couple of times to get enough flow to light your stove. If you want proof that the MiniMo can simmer, check out the video below.

The cooking cup has been redesigned as well–you still get 1 L capacity but it is wider instead of tall. This makes it much easier to stir your food and actually eat out of the pot without sticking your whole hand inside. Jetboil also added some sturdy, heat-safe metal handles (it was never easy to grab the cup with the flimsy heat sleeve handle).

The MiniMo weighs a mere 14.6 oz (415 g) and takes around 2 minutes 15 sec to boil a 1/2 L of water. While the Jetboil ignitor works great most of the time, I have had problems getting my stove lit on occasion. As a backup, I always bring along the Exotac fireSLEEVE waterproof lighter.

Bottom Line:If you want to get your simmer on and do more than just boil water, check out the MiniMo.

The Jetboil MiniMo retails for $130 and is available now. Compatible accessories include a new MiniMo-sized Coffee Press, Hanging Kit, and Pot Support.

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