Light & Motion Sidekick GoPro Light

Light & Motion Sidekick

Following on the huge success of the Knog Qudos action video light, Light & Motion releases their own version of GoPro light. The Sidekick provides a powerful flood beam in a lightweight package that seamlessly mounts to your GoPro action camera–the strong fill light will make all the difference in the quality of your low light or backlit images.

The Sidekick delivers a powerful 600-lumen flood beam for 1-4 hours and is certified to the FL-1 standard. The GoPro light mounts next to your camera with a simple, secure, low-profile arm that works with all existing GoPro mounts. You can also get a flex arm accessory mount that allows the light to mount on top of your camera specifically for underwater imaging.

The 90-degree flood beam is super smooth and wide for capturing a variety of images–the GoPro light is operated by a simple two button control. On the Duo model, you also get a 400-lumen 23-degree spot beam that can be used for navigation.

The Sidekick is factory sealed and waterproof up to 200 feet (60 meters). You never need to open it and possibly compromise the seal–instead, the charging of the Li-ion battery is external with a slide-on USB adaptor. A colored LED indicator displays the battery level so you always know how much charge you have left.

To take pre-orders and fund pre-production of the action video light, Light & Motion is running a Kickstarter campaign. For a pledge of $100-$150, you can be one of the first to own the Sidekick GoPro light. Expected delivery is June 2015.

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