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HotFingers Camping Pot Holder

HotFingers Camping Pot Holder

Another innovative Kickstarter product for you today- this one a multipurpose accessory you will definitely want to add to your camping or backpacking kit. HotFingers not only stores all of your small camp essentials in a safe place, but then transforms into a pot holder to protect your hands from hot surfaces when cooking your backcountry meals. 

Boil Water With A Stick

Heatstick water heater

For those of you hikers that may only use backcountry stoves to boil water for coffee or dehydrated meals, Danish company Heatgear may offer a lighter solution than most fuel stoves for carrying in your pack. Originally built for military use, the Heatstick immerses directly into your water bottle to rapidly heat water for meals or drinking.  

Ultralight Wood Burning Backpacking Stoves

Vargo Hexagon wood burning backpacking stove

Ultralight hikers across the world are constantly looking for innovative ways to cut down on the heaviest part of any pack-your cooking system. From soda can alcohol stoves to forgoing a stove altogether, the name of the game is to carry as little as possible. The three backcountry stoves highlighted here enable you to use whatever is at hand for fuel, be it wood, sticks, pine cones, or brush.

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