Boil Water With A Stick

Heatstick water heater

For those of you hikers that may only use backcountry stoves to boil water for coffee or dehydrated meals, Danish company Heatgear may offer a lighter solution than most fuel stoves for carrying in your pack. Originally built for military use, the Heatstick immerses directly into your water bottle to rapidly heat water for meals or drinking.  

The Heatstick uses a pocket sized Fuelstick filled with liquid pressurized gas, together with a flameless heat technology, to boil water. The device transfers heat to the water through a mixture of thermal convection and infrared radiation (IR), similar to that released by a ceramic hotplate. 

To operate, simply connect the Fuelstick to the Heatstick and the gas flow will open up automatically. Place the igniter at the bottom of the Heatstick and press upward for 3-5 seconds. Screw the ignited Heatstick into the top of your water bottle and watch as the water quickly heats up. 


A built-in pressure regulator automatically adapts the flow of gas for optimal heating and fuel efficiency at all temperatures, elevations, and fuel levels. A built in thermostat shuts off the gas flow when your water reaches approximately 90ºC or 194ºF. The Heatstick is unaffected by wind, temperature, or other surrounding climatic conditions as heating happens from the inside out.

Weighing 380 grams in total, the Heatstick package includes the heating unit itself, water bottle, sleeve, igniter, and a rubber shield. One Fuelstick weighs 93 grams and will heat around 9 liters of water. 

The Heatstick retails for approximately $415 and can be purchased from the Heatgear website. A pack of 10 performance Fuelsticks will add a further $80 to your cost. 


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