Match Your Dog To Your Chacos

Chaco dog collar     Chaco sandals

As you work on your Chaco tan this summer, you can accessorize your faithful furry outdoor adventure companion in matching dog collar and leash. Made in the USA by Chaco's ReChaco team, the line of dog accessories come in nine colors and prints to match your favorite Chaco sandals. 

The Chaco Dog Collars comes in two sizes (M, L) that are easily adjusted to fit comfortably around your dog's neck. A quick snap buckle makes the collar easy to get on and off, while a separate dog tag ring and leash connector will help keep your dog jingle free on your hikes together. 

The Chaco Dog Leash is made from 6 feet of tough Chaco webbing, the required length to comply with many leash laws. A quick release buckle lets you snap the end of the leash around your waist so you can run or hike with your dog hands free.

If you can't find a collar and leash that match your current Chaco sandals, don't despair. You can head on over to MyChacos and build your own custom sandals that match perfectly to your favorite Chaco dog accessories of choice. 

The Chaco Dog Collars retail for $12 and the Dog Leash for $20, both available now. 

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