Minimalist Shoes Take You From The Beach To The Trail

Olukai Maliko

Built to take you on any type of island adventure, the new Maliko from OluKai performs well whether you are on wet, rocky, dry, or sandy terrain. With a unique design, the Maliko is more versatile than a minimalist trail shoe and offers more protection than a flip flop. 

Apart from looking like you have camel feet, the Maliko split toe design gives you a bit more stability with the freedom of movement in your big toe, extremely useful for something like stand up paddle boarding. Unlike Vibram Five Fingers, the simple "two toe" design makes the shoes easier to get on without having to separate each of your toes.  

When you are playing in the ocean, river, or lake, drainage ports on the instep help get the water out quickly so you aren't sloshing around. As the Malikos are made with a breathable air mesh upper, the shoes will dry pretty quickly once you are out of the water. The footbed is removable to help with drying or for those that would rather have a better feel of the terrain beneath their feet. 

If you have sensitive skin, be aware that sand gets inside the shoes quite easily and can cause irritation. After running on the beach in my Malikos, I ended up with painful, raw skin on the top of my big toes. 

The Maliko performs pretty well on the trail, especially over muddy or wet terrain. The rubber outsole extends up to provide a bit of toe protection, while the suction cup tread design gives you good traction over slippery surfaces such as river crossings. 

Bottom Line: If you are into funky looking footwear and want a minimalist shoe that you can wear for almost all your summer adventures, check out the OluKai Maliko. 

The men's and women's OluKai Maliko retails for $100 and is available now. 

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