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Your iPhone, together with an ANT+ adapter to communicate with all your sensors and accessories, can do almost everything that a specialized wrist-top or bike computer can do. Wahoo Fitness is pushing to make your iPhone even more useful by getting rid of the adapter and replacing ANT+ with Bluetooth in a new line of accessories.

The first Bluetooth product for Wahoo, the Blue HR works like any other heart rate strap. The strap connects wirelessly to your iPhone using Bluetooth Smart technology, without the need for any adapters. As long as you stay within 10 feet of your phone, your heart rate strap will be able to continually send accurate data updates.

Endomondo Wahoo Blue HR

Endomondo App

The Blue HR easily pairs with your phone, usually done within the settings of your app of choice. You just need to make sure you have Bluetooth turned on in your iPhone, accessed under the General tab in Settings. Once paired, your workout app will automatically start collecting your heart rate data when you are wearing the Blue HR. 

One drawback for the Blue HR is that you have to own an iPhone 4S. Right now, only a handful of apps are integrated with the Wahoo heart rate strap. Endomondo, Runmeter, Cyclemeter, and the iMapMy series are probably the most popular. For outdoor sports such as running and hiking, the Wahoo Blue HR offers a simple way for you to add heart rate to the performance data being captured in any of these apps.


Wahoo soon plans to release a full line of Bluetooth sensors, enabling cyclists and other sensor heavy sports to get rid of the adapter entirely. Once this happens, I would love to see more apps, such as Strava, integrate with the Wahoo API. 

Bottom Line: If you own an iPhone 4S and already use the compatible apps or aren't too picky about which apps you use, then the Wahoo Blue HR is a simple and easy way to add heart rate data to your workouts. If you already own an entire set of ANT+ sensors and accessories, you may want to stick with the adapter for awhile longer. 

The Wahoo Blue HR retails for $80 and is available now. 

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