Garmin HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim

Garmin HRM Swim

Last week, Garmin announced their first set of underwater friendly heart rate monitors. The HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim feature compact designs for minimal drag through the water. Storing up to 20 hours of heart rate data during your swims, both devices forward this data on to a compatible Garmin device at the end of each session and can even send real-time heart rate data to your watch when the monitor is out of the water.

Specifically designed for triathletes, HRM-Tri is the smallest and lightest heart rate monitor from Garmin, capturing heart rate data during every leg of your race. The HRM-Tri features an easily adjustable strap with soft, rounded edges and covered seams for maximum comfort outside of the water, where it can provide advanced running dynamics, including cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time.

With a unique, non-slip strap design, HRM-Swim is ideal for capturing your heart rate data while training in the pool. Durable and compact, the strap stays in place during push-offs and creates minimal drag through the water. It stores heart rate data underwater and forwards it after your swim or sends real-time heart rate and interval summaries when the monitor and compatible watch are out of the water during rests.

The replaceable HRM-Tri battery lasts up to 10 months and the HRM-Swim lasts up to 18 months. The HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim will begin shipping soon and retails for $129.99 and $99.99, respectively, or as an accessory bundle for $199.99.

A special edition Forerunner 920XT Tri Bundle will also be available, which includes a black/silver Forerunner 920XT, HRM-Tri, HRM-Swim and quick release kit, for a suggested retail price of $599.99.

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