Gnarbox–Backup Your GoPro in The Field


You know the feeling–you captured that awesome timelapse on your GoPro the first night out but in the process, ate up all your memory. Or you just completed a huge photo shoot and can’t wait to get out of the backcountry to backup, organize, edit, and share. Well, a new device called the Gnarbox let’s you now do all that from the field.

Pocket sized and weatherproof, Gnarbox enables you to store up to 128GB of full resolution footage from any camera–plug up to 3 cameras into the device via USB3, SD, or microSD. Laptops, external hard drives, and cords can finally be left at home.

Not only will the Gnarbox download your files, but will organize them for you based on information such as GPS, data, time of day, type of activity, or tagged friends. Much like how the GoPro app works, you create a hotspot between your phone and the Gnarbox in order to view, organize, and edit all of your photos and video from within the Gnarbox app.

While file backup and organization is great, the real benefit comes from the ability to edit your photos and video in full resolution (up to 4K video and RAW photos) on your phone. Through a simple user interface, you have access to pro-style editing features such as slow motion, color correction, brightness and contrast adjustment, and cropping. Once you are done editing, you can share the full resolution media on your regular social networks straight through your phone. No laptop required.

The team basically packed the power of a 15″ laptop into the Gnarbox, including a Quad-Core 2.2GHZ CPU, 8 Core 3D GPU, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of Flash storage, and a 300MBPS WiFi connection. Pretty powerful for a simple $149 product.

The company is taking Gnarbox pre-orders over on Kickstarter with expected delivery in March 2016. Thoughts from all you adventure photographers out there?

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