HotFingers Camping Pot Holder

HotFingers Camping Pot Holder

Another innovative Kickstarter product for you today- this one a multipurpose accessory you will definitely want to add to your camping or backpacking kit. HotFingers not only stores all of your small camp essentials in a safe place, but then transforms into a pot holder to protect your hands from hot surfaces when cooking your backcountry meals. 

An outdoor-product designer, Mike Oldani is always imagining new ways to make his outdoor experience easier. Tired of digging for his small camping items all the time, he knew there had to be a better way. Your camping stove and fuel canister are two things you always have with you on a backcountry trip so why not take advantage of that for small item storage?

That small concave space at the bottom of your fuel canister is simply a waste of space in your pack. Now with HotFingers, you're able to use this space to store everything from multi-tools and small flashlights to spices and lighters for cooking.

HotFingers fits on the bottom of standard 8 oz. and 16 oz. fuel canisters, sealing off the concave space underneath for secure storage. When you are ready to cook, this high-temperature silicone cover then transforms into a convenient and comfortable hot pot holder.

HotFingers is simple to use, just pop it on the bottom of your fuel canister, add your small camping items, and throw it in your pack. When you are ready to cook, slip your fingers inside the two slots on the backside of the cover and grab your hot cookware worry-free, without the need to carry additional tools in your pack.

HotFingers comes in three colors: grey, green, and orange. For a $25 pledge, you get one HotFingers in the color of your choice. The estimated shipping date is June 2013, just in time for your summer camping and backpacking adventures.  



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