A LowJack System For Your Bike

BikeSpike GPS Bike Tracker

Almost 2 million bikes are stolen in the U.S. each year and the vast majority of those go unrecovered. Now you can add a LowJack type system to your bike to track its whereabouts in the event of a theft and ultimately increase your chances of law enforcement recovering your bike. Discreetly hidden in a custom carbon bottle cage, the BikeSpike adds an additional layer of security and gives you peace of mind when locking your bike up around town. 

The BikeSpike is a combination hardware/software solution that uses a GPS chipset with a built-in antenna, on-board accelerometer, and a connection to a global cellular network to track the whereabouts of your bike. In the event your bike gets stolen, you can monitor its location via the map on the BikeSpike cell phone app or web portal. 

BikeSpike enables you to digitally lock your bike and receive a notification if your bike moves from the specified geo-fenced location or even if someone tampers with it. When you mark your bike as parked, the sensitivity of the accelerometer is increased to notify you if the orientation of your parked bike changes. This could detect a locked bike falling to the ground or someone tampering with the device. If your bike has indeed been stolen, you can grant temporary profile access to the police so they can quickly go after the culprit and get your carbon fiber baby back for you. 

BikeSpike GPS bike tracker

For everyday riding, the BikeSpike can be used as a collision detection system where it alerts your emergency contacts if you get in accident, specifying your exact location. The device also acts like the GPS in your phone or bike computer, tracking your ride statistics such as distance, speed, and route. All this data can be uploaded to Strava or any of your other favorite cycling apps by simply exporting a GPX file. 

For a $149 over on Kickstarter, you can be one of the first to get a BikeSpike GPS bike tracker, including 12 months of the Commuter data plan, 1 carbon fiber water bottle cage, wall charger, security screws, and installation tool. Casual riders will need to recharge the device about once per month and notifications can be set up when the battery level reaches a low charge. 

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