Patagonia EVERmore Trail Shoe Review

Patagonia EVERmore trail shoes

The EVERmore represents Patagonia’s initial foray into the more minimalist footwear market. These lightweight trail shoes are great for runners who might be looking to transition to zero drop footwear or for those who have already gone minimalist but want a touch more underfoot protection on technical terrain or long runs. For the past couple of months, I have been wearing my EVERmore for both hiking and running the trails around San Francisco.

With an almost complete durable mesh upper, the EVERmore are extremely breathable and also drain quite quickly during those wet spring trail sessions. I can see these trail shoes remaining in my rotation throughout the summer as they are so lightweight and keep your feet from overheating.

For those of you not quite ready for the full “barefoot” trail running experience, the very flexible EVERmore feature a 4mm drop that serves as a good transition shoe and encourage midfoot striking to work on your minimalist running style. The trail shoes are cushioned yet low profile enough to still offer good ground feel.

Patagonia EVERmore trail shoes

The 2mm footbed and forefoot rock plate protect your feet from any sharp rocks on the trail, while the EVERtough tacky rubber sole has climbing lugs in the forefoot and rear-facing braking lugs in the heel for better traction both up and down the trail. I found these trail shoes provided stable footing through mud, water, and even loose rock.

The EVERmore are designed with an interesting shape. The shoes are very tight in the midfoot with quite a bit of arch support, then a very roomy toe box and a somewhat sloppy heel, almost like a figure 8. The trail shoes feel a bit weird when you put them on at first but are actually quite comfortable when hiking or running, leaving no hot spot areas.

One of our male testers actually found the fit to be a bit different, with both a tighter midfoot and heel cup. He found that keeping the laces relatively and counterintuitively loose gave your toes ample freedom to move around and offered a more comfortable ride.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable, minimalist type shoe that is a little more burly for the technical trails as either a trail runner or light hiker, check out the EVERmore from Patagonia. If you have a generally wide foot, you might find the midfoot too tight for your liking.

The men’s and women’s EVERmore retails for $110 and is available now.

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