Mammut Realization Climbing Pants With Built-In Harness

Mammut Realization Pants

Last summer, Mammut released the unique Realization Shorts (we will gloss over the short lived Refine skort) and received lots of great feedback in the process. This summer, Mammut will follow up with a pair of full length pants, also featuring the integrated climbing harness. Perhaps the best part, Mammut made a pair of pants for us women as well. I can't wait to test them out!

You will never forget your harness again with the Mammut Realization Pants. Featuring a fully integrated load bearing climbing harness structure, all you need to do when you get to the crag is rope up. 

The Realization pants are basically the Mammut Zephir harness on the inside and lightweight climbing pants on the outside. Split Webbing technology in the hip belt and leg loop construction ensures lightweight comfort, as your weight is spread over a wider area with no straps digging into your skin.

Two specially designed loops on the front of the pants are used for tying into the rope or belaying your partner. Two gear loops at the side are perfect for racking quickdraws and other gear, while two hidden pockets on the sides and a further two pockets on the seat provide enough space for any other items you may wish to bring along.

Mammut Realization Pants

A brush can also be stowed within easy reach on the right pant leg. A stretch insert on the back and the robust, lightweight outer material allow the climbing pants to accommodate even the most acrobatic movements, with no impediment to your performance.

The climbing harness is barely visible from the outside of the Realization Pants, meaning you can't even be made fun of when you wear your harness into the bar post climb. No word on exact pricing yet but expect them to cost a bit more than the current $200 Realization Shorts price. 

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