Marmot NanoPro Waterproof Breathable Technology

Marmot Adroit Jacket

Marmot Adroit Jacket with NanoPro Membrain

For summer 2014, Marmot introduces a new proprietary waterproof breathable technology. NanoPro is said to provide more air permeability without sacrificing on waterproof performance or wind protection, rendering your jacket more able to quickly shed moisture vapor and keep you dry in the process. 

NanoPro uses a new pore structure that is 30% smaller than prior generations of Marmot waterproof technology. These small, densely packed pores allow for air to pass in and out, but block water droplets from getting through. 

To be used on a variety of garments, NanoPro is available as both a 2.5-layer laminated membrane (NanoPro Membrain) as well as a coating, in a wide range of fabric weights and construction. While both offer roughly the same level of waterproofness (10K-10K+, meaning they are good in average snow and light to moderate rain), the Membrain appears to be roughly three times more breathable than the coating (which is to be expected).

Marmot claims that NanoPro Membrain is 140% more breathable than their current lamination technology, while the NanoPro coating is 43% more breathable than their current coating technology. Both are protected from abrasion by a layer of very small non-organic particles that provide a dry touch feeling against your skin. 

Marmot Precip

The new men's Precip

Sticking with Gore-Tex Active for the more high end shells, NanoPro Membrain will be used to update the more affordable men's Artemis and women's Adroit Jackets, both available in a variety of colors. The classic men's and women's Precip Jackets will receive a full makeover with the new NanoPro coating, both available in over 14 color combinations. The full Marmot NanoPro jacket collection will range in price from $175-$250.

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