Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven

Forget Curry Village Pizza, you will be the envy of all your Yosemite campsite neighbors as you crank out real Italian style pizza from atop your camp stove. Camp Chef has created two new pizza oven products for use both at home as well as on the road, ensuring you are never far away from your next emergency pizza fix. 

Saturday night is pizza night at our house. Although I am pretty proud of the Italian style pie we consistently churn out, our oven can't quite reach the temperatures of a traditional pizza oven. According to the regulations set out by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, proper Neapolitan pizza must be baked in wood-burning ovens that can reach the required temperature of 905 degrees.

Camp Chef's Italia Artisan Pizza Oven Accessory ($170) was modeled after a traditional wood-fired brick oven and uses the same technique to bake pizza on your grill or camp stove, reaching temperatures of up to 700 degrees. The accessory is designed to fit both Camp Chef's 14 and 16 inch cooking systems, but will most likely work with anything similar, as the oven simply sits on top of your stove or grill to be heated to the appropriate cooking temperature in around 15 minutes. 

Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

For those of you looking for a standalone product, Camp Chef has come up with a portable Italia Artisan Pizza Oven ($181) that simply sits on a table while being fueled by a portable propane tank. Both pizza ovens will provide the heat needed to cook a proper Italian pizza, as the dome shaped double layered ceiling moves heat for dynamic heating patterns.

A cordierite ceramic pizza stone base pulls moisture from the dough, creating a crispy crust. The ventilated oven door helps hold and regulate heat when cooking, with a built in temperature gauge to monitor the internal heat level. 

Not limited to baking only pizza, you can whip up some fresh chocolate chip cookies, roasted vegetables, or even cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Everyone is going to want to come camping with you this summer, guaranteed. 

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