Sierra Designs Load Lightening Backpacks

Sierra Designs Traverse Series Backpacks

Sierra Designs has created a new backpack suspension system to be featured in their Traverse Series of mid-weight backpacks, ideal for carrying heavy loads while hiking all day long. The Fulcrum Suspension system enables a comfortable load carry, superior ventilation and excellent range of motion while keeping weight to a minimum. 

Sierra Designs' Fulcrum Suspension system is comprised of a molded composite framesheet with a single DAC aluminum stay and a custom forged pivot at the waistbelt. Modeled after your own skeletal system, the single stay mimics your spine while the partial framesheet corresponds to your shoulder blades and pelvis. 

This specially designed stay rotates with your body and the vertical suspension keeps the pack weight closer to your center of gravity for better balance. The waistbelt auto-adjusts for a custom fit and keeps the load centered for increased stability while hiking. 

Sierra Designs Fulcrum Suspension

The backpack's molded backpanel has dedicated ventilation channels and die cut foam shoulder straps. Air channels on either side of the packs provide unrestricted air circulation and the split lumbar pad design draws air up and along your spine. 

The Sierra Designs Traverse Series for 2011 includes six backpacks: 3 for women and 3 for men. All the packs feature trekking pole holders, hydration pocket, integrated bottle opener and a variety of pockets for small items. The backpack sizes range from the Herald 30 and Rejoice 30 day hikers ($159.95) to the Revival 65 and Jubilee 65 ($239.95) for weeklong lightweight hiking use.  

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