Sneak Peek: Innovative New Belay Devices

Petzl Grigri 2

Three of the major climbing hardware manufacturers Petzl, Mammut and Black Diamond are introducing innovative new belay gear for Spring 2011. These new belay devices will ensure your time as belay slave next summer is easy and more enjoyable. 

The Petzl GRIGRI 2 belay device has a new design that allows for excellent control during descent. With assisted braking, the GRIGRI 2 is designed to facilitate belay maneuvers and works equally well for lead climbing and top roping. Much more compact and light than the original GRIGRI, the updated Petzl belay device may be used on all single dynamic 8.9 to 11 mm ropes. 

Petzl UNIVERSO belay device
Also from Petzl is the new and unique UNIVERSO, a complete lightweight belay system that is particularly comfortable and efficient to use on all rope diameters. The system consists of a VERSO belay device, an ATTACHE 3D carabiner and an exclusive sliding connector piece. 

Black Diamond GridLock Screwgate belay carabiner
The Black Diamond GridLock Screwgate belay carabiner ensures you never have to deal with a shifting, cross-loaded belay carabiner again. The hot-forged design has an isolation feature that intuitively captures the belay loop and prevents cross loading. Weighing 76 g, it's a no brainer to add to your rack. 

Mammut Smart belay device

The Mammut Smart is the first belay device with braking force support suitable for single, twin and half ropes. The alpine belay device breaks the climber's fall dynamically and locks even at low levels of force exerted by the user.

On multi-pitch routes, one or two second climbers can be independently belayed in an autolocking mode from the belay point. The autolocking mechanism can easily be released after a fall. The alpine belay device lets you quickly change from securing your second climber to securing the lead climber using your body. 

All the above belay devices will be available for Spring 2011. 

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