Granite Gear Nimbus CORE Bear Canister Backpack

Granite Gear Nimbus CORE Backpack

For those of you that hike in bear country, you will be more than familiar with the bear canister and the difficulties of actually getting it in your backpack. Granite Gear has solved the problem by designing a flat packing backpack that hugs your bear canister at its core. 

The new Granite Gear Nimbus CORE backpack has two full length lateral pockets that cinch around the bear canister placed in the CORE or inner section of the pack. A compression flap flips up to cover the contents and strap down everything securely in place. 

The center CORE section will work great to hold not only your bear canister but other hard to pack items such as your tent, sleeping bag, fishing gear or even a tripod. The backpack weighs 3 lbs 12 ounces without the bear canister, which as you probably know can be heavy!

Calipidder has a great bear canister review over on her site to help you choose which model might be best for you.  The Nimbus CORE backpack will retail for $259.95 and be available next Spring.

Granite Gear eVent Uberlight CTF3 Drysack

Granite Gear has also updated their Uberlight CTF3 Drysacks for next season by bonding eVent waterproof breathable material to the CTF3 material on the bottom of the drysack. The new uberlight drysacks have the same features as the old ones- amazingly light, strong, and waterproof- but now also breathable. 

The eVent material allows excess air to escape through the bottom of the bag as your roll down the top, making it easier to tightly pack. The eVent Uberlight Drysacks will come in 7L to 18L sizes and retail for $38.95 up to $48.95.

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