SeasonFive Technical Watersports Apparel

SeasonFive technical watersports apparel

SeasonFive is a new technical watersports apparel company that is looking to offer you an alternative to overheating in a neoprene wetsuit or freezing in your rash guard while out playing on the water. With their own waterproof breathable fabric and great design, you can now be comfortable on the water regardless of the conditions. 

SeasonFive was founded by Michael Fischer who has been an apparel designer for years with companies such as Under Armour and most recently Eddie Bauer's First Ascent. Michael believed there had to be a better technical apparel option for staying drier, warmer or even cooler, and protected during every water based sport from kayaking to stand up paddle boarding. 

To achieve the ultimate technical watersports apparel line, SeasonFive developed their own waterproof breathable fabric blend called Atmos 1.0. It is a three layer fabric with a DWR treated water repellent outer fabric, a waterproof breathable membrane and a soft inner face fabric. The Atmos 1.0 waterproof breathable fabric allows vapor and heat to be released while shielding you from the outside weather. 

The SeasonFive apparel line is developed with minimal seams and muscle supporting 4-way stretch to keep you comfortable all day.  The Barrier Series is the foundation for the Atmos 1.0 fabric collection and features both men's and women's short and long sleeve tops as well as pants for men and capris for women. 

The Phantom series for men and Siren series for women include short and long sleeve tops with color blocked panels, a zippered expansion neck gusset, banded cuffs and longer body length. A Unisex bootie rounds out the line for head to toe protection. 

Keep your eye out for the new SeasonFive technical watersports apparel to hit the shelves next Spring. 

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