Lowe Alpine Headlocker Ice Tool Attachment

Lowe Alpine Headlocker ice tool attachment

Lowe Alpine has completely redesigned their Alpine Attack backpack for next year. Most notably, Lowe has now made it extremely easy to attach your ice tools, regardless of the model, with the new Headlocker ice tool attachment system. 

Lowe Alpine is using Dyneema is next season's Alpine Attack backpack for its supreme strength to weight ratio. By doing so, Lowe has shaved 2 lbs off the pack weight. Super tall climbers will enjoy the new XL version of the pack while women might like the Narrow Dimension model. The comfort factor has also been upped with an AdaptiveFit shoulder harness and waistbelt.

The Headlocker ice tool attachment system enables you to fasten any ice tools to your pack regardless of the head shape. Newer tools often have small or even no heads making it hard to use the traditional backpack solution of a web gear loop or bottom pouch. 

Lowe Alpine Headlocker ice tool attachment

Made from T6 6061 aluminum, the Headlocker ice tool attachment is extremely lightweight and durable. To use the Headlocker, simply loosen the top lid strap and pass the aluminum bar through the hole in the head of your ice tools. 

Next, hook the shaft of your ice tools through the glove friendly Webcatcher buckles on either of the upper sides of the pack then pull the lid strap tight to secure your tools. When not in use, the Headlocker ice tool attachment cinches away so it cannot catch on anything while you are climbing.

Now if only it was closer to ice climbing season! 

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