Sperry SON-R Technology Lets You See With Your Feet

Sperry SON-R Technology

Sperry is making a big splash in the outdoor water shoes pool with their new SON-R Technology. Engineered to send feedback to your brain about what is happening beneath your feet, the new Sperry footwear collection with SON-R Technology will heighten your natural sensory response while you are out enjoying any water sport. 

SON-R Technology lets you see with your feet for a more enjoyable and safe experience in the outdoors. An outsole and insole system work together to help you feel the terrain, know where your feet are at all times and maximize your stability and agility. 

Metatarsal pods positioned in an extra flexible outsole work in concert with a textured insole containing independent chambers that respond to the pressure exerted on your foot. This system enhances proprioceptive feedback or the ability to send sensory feedback to your brain so that you can feel, think and react to the terrain.

This outsole-insole combination maximizes surface feedback to create similar sensations to being barefoot while delivering the comfort and protection of water shoes.  A hydro-grip rubber outsole gives you superb traction on a variety of wet and dry surfaces. The breathable, hydrophobic mesh upper and internal drainage system promotes quick drying while the anti-microbial lining minimizes odor.

Sperry SON-R Technology 

The Sperry SON-R Technology footwear collection will feature men's and women's open and closed upper water shoes which will retail for $90 as well as low and mid booties which will retail for $65-$70. 

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