Mono Minimalist Backpack For Multi-Pitch Climbing

Mono minimalist backpack for multi-pitch climbing

New Chamonix based company Blue Ice has emerged on the outdoor scene with some pretty cool alpine climbing gear. Their debut product, the Mono minimalist backpack, was designed with the demands of multi-pitch climbing in mind. 

The Mono minimalist backpack features a clever 3-point turnaround system so the contents of your pack can easily be accessed at the belay station.  To turn, simply unsnap the right buckle with one hand and twist the pack in front of you where a side zipper gives you access to the inner compartment. 

Blue Ice Mono minimalist multi pitch climbing backpack

The Mono is equipped with two gear loops plus a mesh strap for storing your helmet on the approach. Weighing just 385 g and able to store up to 7L, you will have plenty of room in the minimalist backpack to take some extra clothes, water and food for the climb. 

The Mono backpack is made from water resistant 450 denier recycled polyester with a reinforced 500 denier recycled polyester bottom. An extra strap and buckle folds out of a side pocket to use as added stability for when you ride your bike to the crag.  

The Mono minimalist backpack retails for €48 and can be purchased from the Blue Ice website. 

Blue Ice Octopus ropebag 

A sneak peak at one of the Blue Ice products for next year is the very clever and useful OCTOPUS rope bag. The OCTOPUS can be carried to the climb as a backpack and unfolds wide open to give easy access to the contents.

Your rope can either stay in the bag for the belay or taken out and flaked onto the included tarp. The rope bag has enough space for an 80 m rope as well as room for a set of quick draws, your climbing harness, climbing shoes, chalk, water and a light jacket.

A large, easy access pocket on the top of the pack is the ideal place to store your guidebook, map or camera and the inner mesh pocket separates your rope from the rest of the bag contents. 

So check out new company Blue Ice for their unique and clever alpine climbing gear. 

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