New Gear From Petzl For Spring 2019

Petzl Meteor

For 2019, Petzl reinforces their commitment to helmets that offer side protection in addition to the standard top protection. Ideal for climbing, mountaineering, and even ski touring, the updated Meteor helmet joins updated belay devices and new rope bags in the brand’s new product lineup for next spring.

The updated Meteor ($99.95), Petzl’s most versatile helmet, designed with climbing, mountaineering and ski touring in mind, now offers enhanced protection that complies with Petzl’s more stringent top and side protection testing protocol. Petzl helmets that pass these additional in-house tests guarantee a certain level of protection that goes beyond the EN 12492 and UIAA 106 standards that focus mainly on the top portion of the helmets. Petzl has recognized that impacts to the front, rear and side of the head happen as frequently as to the top, and has improved the level of protection that a helmet should offer.

Other improvements to the Meteor helmet include lighter weight, better ventilation, and compatibility with ski goggles or a visor. Both the Meteor and Sirocco helmets now have the option of adding a lightly tinted Skreen eye shield that protects eyes from wind and improves visibility in inclement weather. These improvements make it well suited for both summer and winter use.

In further product news, both the GriGri ($110), Reverso ($30), and Verso ($20) belay devices have been updated to be compatible with the ever shrinking rope sizes — they now work with dynamic single ropes from 8.5 mm to 11 mm, although they are optimized for 8.9 mm to 10.5 mm diameter ropes, half ropes (7.1 mm – 9.2 mm) and twin ropes (6.9 mm – 9.2 mm).

Petzl also debuts two new rope bags, the Kliff rock climbing bag ($60) and the KAB gym bag ($80). The Kliff, designed with a practical opening system, offers quick access to all essential gear (harness, quick draws, shoes, and rope up to 100 meters) without having to lay the back panel on the ground. The bag features a removable tarp for rope protection and adjustable foam shoulder straps for a more comfortable approach. Featuring a more urban aesthetic, the Kab has two distinct compartments to separate climbing equipment from other items in the bag. The design allows the volume of the pack to adjust from 20 to 26 liters. It has a removable rope tarp and a reinforced, adjustable strap for maximum comfort.

Expect the new products to hit shelves in January 2019.

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