Cane Creek Launches New Suspension Seatpost


Perhaps something I should have had on my just completed, rougher-than-expected ride through Central Asia, the new eeSilk Post from Cane Creek delivers some relief on bumpy, long rides. This suspension seatpost would have paired well with my ShockStop Suspension Stem to add a little more give to my otherwise rigid gravel bike.

At 295 grams the eeSilk Post is comparable in weight to traditional rigid performance seatposts while offering 20 mm of vertical compliance, improving control on rough surfaces and reducing fatigue on long rides. Much like suspension stems, you don’t notice your bike moving up and down, rather it moves beneath you, smoothing out the bumps so you don’t feel them as much.

The suspension seatpost uses a one-bolt design to access the elastometer spring — three different elastomers are included. The eeSilk Post comes installed with the #5 elastomer which is applicable to those in the 150 pound to 210 pound range. Inside the box you will also find a #3 and #7 elastomer for riders down to 100 pounds and up to 260 pounds. A #1 and #9 elastomer are sold separately. The maximum weight the suspension stem can take is 330 pounds.

The eeSilk Post comes only in a 27.2 mm diameter size but Cane Creek offers a wide variety of seatpost shims to accommodate virtually any round seat tube larger than 27.2 mm up to 31.8 mm. The seat rail clamps accommodate a wide variety of round and oval rails.

The Cane Creek eeSilk Post suspension seatpost retails for $289 and is available now.

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