Ergon CF3 Pro Carbon Seatpost

Ergon CF3 Pro Carbon

The roads around Marin are not exactly known for their smooth tarmac. Every time I return from a long ride, I feel as if I have been beaten by a stick. Needless to say, I was excited to hear last year about Ergon's lightweight CF3 Pro Carbon seatpost, which is now finally available. For 2014, Ergon follows up their original suspension seatpost with an offset version (pictured top left). 

The Ergon CF3 Pro Carbon seatpost ($299.99) is designed to flex, offering added suspension to your road bike without adding a ton of weight (220g). At the heart of the design are two parallel carbon leaf springs that flex opposite of your bike being pushed upwards by bumpy terrain. Pivots in the head of the seatpost keep your saddle consistently parallel to the ground (or at whatever angle you ride). Both a 7 x 7 mm version for round rails and 7 x 9 mm version for oval rails is available. 

New for Summer 2014, the Setback version of the CF3 Pro Carbon seatpost offers 25mm of
setback (reduced to 13mm by flipping the FlipHead). The system
possesses the same twin carbon leaf spring design
and ball bearing equipped pivots as the original design. 

For those of you that ride on saddles with carbon rails, like those from Ergon, Selle Italia,
Fizik, or Specialized, Ergon has created a separate FlipHead saddle clamp accessory ($16.95), also available Summer 2014.  

I am curious how the Ergon system compares to other vibration dampening methods such as the Specialized Zertz viscoelastic polymer insert on some of their carbon seatposts (S-Works SL Pavé -200g). Regardless, I would really love to test one out. I can imagine the Ergon CF3 Pro Carbon suspension seatpost is also a dream on a hardtail mountain bike, as it shaves 300+ grams off the weight of an equivalent Thudbuster.  

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