The Anti-Minimalist Trail Running Shoes

Montrail FluidPost Trail Runners

Two footwear camps appear to be forming around trail running: those for the minimalist, barefoot style and those for the more super cushioned approach originally taken by Hoka Shoes. Debuting next Spring, Montrail and Tecnica are introducing a new line of trail running shoes with extra cushioning.

Montrail believes all trail runners need more control as uneven terrain often causes your ankles to roll inward regardless of your natural pronation. Montrail's new FluidPost technology delivers on-demand support, slowing the rate of pronation for each individual foot strike, allowing for a more natural, balanced stride. 

Montrail's FluidPost pronation control technology adapts to how much or how little your foot pronates on the trail. By developing a progressively denser construction, you get a smoother transition from the soft cushioning of the lateral (heel strike) side to a denser and more supportive material on the medial side.

As your foot falls inwards while trail running over uneven terrain, it rolls smoothly from soft to firm for a more adaptive, less abrupt, safer and more comfortable stride. FluidPost delivers midsole support with neutral cushioning but a firmer midfoot support when and as needed. 

Tecnica TRS Max trail running shoes

Tecnica's new trail running shoes will sport their TRS Max technology. TRS stands for Tecnica Rolling System, a midsole platform cushioning system that provides forward energy transfer, comfort and grip resulting in a faster, smoother and safer ride. 

With the new TRS Max, Tecnica has added even greater toe and heel rocker height so you will be able to surf downhill and roll uphill as they say, all while absorbing the uneven terrain and delivering added comfort and stability. 

Look out for both the Montrail FluidPost and Technica TRS Max trail running shoes next Spring.

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