D-Fa Dogs Gandhi Dog Leash Review

D-Fa Dogs Gandhi Dog Leash

At Outdoor Retailer earlier this summer, the wonderful pack at D-Fa Dogs hooked Lola up with one of their new Gandhi dog leashes. Coming out this December, the dog leashes feature all the well thought out design details you expect from D-Fa and are the perfect, no bling style for the dog that loves to be outdoors. 

D-Fa's philosophy is that it is more exciting to be led than to be leashed, hence all the dog leashes or "leads", as they are called down under, are named after great leaders. The Gandhi is a 4 ft 3 in leash that stretches to 4 ft 11 in via the bungee section. Your arm will be thankful for this shock absorbing section when your dog suddenly sees a squirrel or a cat. 

The leash hooks into your dog's collar or harness via a locking swivel carabiner, which will give your dog lots of climbing cred when you take him to the crag. This carabiner is pretty big and swings around quite a bit on Lola's harness so you might want to take that into consideration if you have a tiny dog. 

One of the most ingenious features of the dog leash is the shortening system. A buckle lets you shorten the leash down to a non-stretchy 2 ft for crossing the road or even for tying off your dog around the parking meter while you run in to grab your coffee. 

A built in zippered stash pocket is perfect for hiding the poo bags, coffee money and securing your house keys to the key clip inside. The padded handle and strong, soft-touch webbing material make the dog leash comfortable to carry and maintain good control. 

The Napoleon is a 2 ft 6 in leash version that stretches to 2 ft 10 in. This dog leash incorporates all the same features of the Gandhi above but without the shortening system. Both the Gandhi and Napoleon dog leashes will be ready to order at the end of the year. 


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