Sports Cases To Protect Your Electronic Gadgets

Pelican i1015 Micro Case

On your 3rd phone of the year after crushing your first one while mountain biking and dropping the other one in the lake while out canoeing? Time for you to consider a sports case that will protect your cell phone, MP3 player or digital camera from getting damaged while you are enjoying the outdoors. 

The new i1015 and i1010 micro sports cases from Pelican are designed to keep your Apple gadgets from being crushed as well as safe from the elements such as dust and water. An external headphone jack lets you listen to your iPhone or iPod when the case is securely closed.

A built in cable manager holds your earphones in place while an external carabiner secures your sports case to your backpack or belt loop. The Pelican i1010 is designed for any 1st and 2nd generation iPod Nano or Shuffle, while the i1015 is built for your iPhone or standard iPod.

LOKSAK resealable waterproof storage bags

The LOKSAK is a reseasble, waterproof storage bag. The hermetic seal ensures that absolutely no water, air, dust or humidity permeates the closure. The transparent bags are flexible, puncture resistant and come in multiple sizes. 

I use my LOKSAK to keep my iPhone from getting covered in sweat, dirt and rain while in my cycling jersey, backpack or hiking pants pocket. A handy feature of the LOKSAK is that it allows you to operate a touchscreen without having to remove your phone from the bag. 


Finally, from H2O Audio comes the Capture waterproof case that lets you take your iPod Nano up to 12ft under water. The built in Commander scroll lets you control your iPod's click wheel and the polished polycarbonate lens enables you to take video shots of the underwater action. 

H2O Audio Amphibx Waterproof Armband

H2O Audio's Amphibx waterproof armband protects your cell phone or MP3 player while you are out on the surf or taking a swim in the pool. You can safely listen to music through the SealTight headphone connector and operate your phone via the ClearTouch Window.

So start dreaming about those beach vacations you are going to take now that winter is almost upon us!

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