Style And Function With DZR Casual SPD Shoes

DZR Casual SPD Shoes

Brand new California company DZR Shoes has created a line of men's and women's casual SPD shoes that are so stylish, they are going to make even the hardcore cyclist jealous. The DZR SPD shoes are meant to take you everywhere, from the dirt mountain trails to hanging out at the coffee shop. 

DZR are the designers behind Mission Workshop's new Rondel vulcanized SPD sneaker. The company has now created their own line of 3 men's and 2 women's styles. Founded by Shane and Fabio Rattazzi, the idea was born from a need for a shoe that would work both on and off the bike for riding around the Swiss Alps.

All the SPD shoes have a variable-flex nylon inner shank. Performance mapped flex gives you much more mobility than a normal cycling shoe while still maintaining strategic stiffness for power transfer. A 600 luminosity reflective badge helps ensure you remain seen in low light conditions. The recessed cleat means all day comfort and also means you no longer have to bring along an extra pair of shoes for the office or walking around town. 

DZR Kowloon casual SPD shoes

DMZ Kowloon casual SPD shoes

The men's line includes the GMT-8, a slim profile sneaker for $85, the Strasse, a midtop that mixes herringbone fabric with full grain leather for $110, and the Ovis, a full soft leather midtop for $120. The Tosca is the women's version of the Strasse and the Kowloon, my absolute favorite (pictured above), is the women's version of the Ovis

DZR plans to have their online store up soon so you won't have to wait too long to purchase your own pair of these über stylish, casual SPD shoes. I claim first dibs on the Kowloons!



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