The Ergon PC2 Pedals For A Better Bike Commute

Ergon PC2 ergonomic touring pedal

For those of you not so keen on clipless pedals, but still want the power and efficiency that these types of pedals bring, the new Ergon PC2 pedals are for you. Similar to what the company did for bike grips, Ergon decided that after 100 years of no change, it was time to update the flat pedal.

The Ergon PC2 is the first non SPD-type pedal to be constructed with the ergonomic and biomechanical demands of the user in mind. The commuting pedals ensure your foot is always in the correct position, which translates into not only more power and efficiency, but fewer foot complaints, hot spots or numbness in your feet. 

The Ergon PC2 is constructed with an anatomically contoured platform, angled at 6 degrees, to give you better joint and knee alignment. A unique positioning guide and inner-stop ensures your foot is correctly positioned on the pedal to get the most efficient pedal stroke. A shorter axle and this slightly angled platform bring your foot closer to the crank and creates a more natural pedaling position. 

A dramatically increased contact area with non-slip surface increases the power transfer as well as reduces concentrated pressure points on your feet. Oversized reflectors on the back and sides of the commuting pedals help with your visibility in low light conditions. 

The Ergon PC2 pedals are available in 2 sizes, small and large, depending on your shoe size. The pedals will retail for $69.95 and will hit retailers around March of next year. 

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