Untouched World Merino Cycling Apparel

Untouched World Merino Cycling Apparel

Where else but New Zealand would you find a new brand of merino wool cycling apparel. The men's and women's performance cycling collection from Untouched World is a uniquely designed layering system meant to optimise your performance and comfort through changing weather conditions. 

The Untouched World collection features a core body layering system that works in conjunction with an extremities layer designed to keep your legs, knees and arms comfortable. This layering system allows you to play with your riding outfit according to the current weather conditions. 

The merino base layer consists of either a sleeveless vest or a shirt with short or long sleeves. Designed to hug your body, this soft and itch free merino layer naturally regulates your temperature by managing moisture and creating a micro climate next to your skin.

The cycling jerseys can either be worn alone or over one of the base layer pieces. Adding wind and water resistance to the layering system, the jerseys are made from the company's Mountainsilk Recycle fabric, which puts merino next to your skin with a performance recycled polyester on the outside. Arm and neck panels made from a merino and elastane blend offer comfort and fit.

The men's and women's shorts and bibs are made from Mountainsilk Procycle fabric, which places merino on the inside and a protective layer of technical performance nylon blended with elastane on the outside. This combination naturally regulates your temperature while providing superior protection and comfort in extreme conditions. 

Arm, knee and leg warmers are made from a blend of merino and 5% elastane fibers for added stretch and recovery performance. Fellow Kiwi and Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan helped Untouched World develop their line of performance cycling apparel by wearing pieces and giving the company feedback during his Ride Across America last Spring.

You can order the Untouched World merino cycling apparel directly from the website as the company will ship worldwide. 

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