Vertical Girl Women’s Rock Climbing Clothing

Vertical Girl Clothing

Seattle based Vertical Girl is a new, sustainable, women's specific rock climbing clothing company. Designed by women climbers for women climbers, Vertical Girl Clothing is perfect for training, projecting, competing, traveling or just everyday life.

Vertical Girl Clothing is a collection of minimalist lifestyle pieces that are designed to serve your needs before, during and after your climbing session. Made in the USA, Vertical Girl uses the softest, most durable and highest quality climbing specific fabrics for comfort and freedom of movement. The scratch-free designs include very few buttons or zippers and instead of itchy label tags, logos are printed directly on the fabric when possible.

The Dièdre series is structured specifically around a climbers physique with low arm holes, wide shoulders, slim fitting torso and hips, with no shifting or bunching. The tops come in an extra long length to protect your skin from gear, rocks or the climbing wall.

The Arête series features the same structure as the Dièdre series but is designed to be trimmed to length for a customized fit. Each piece is available in one length but with multiple sets of trim seams. All you have to do is grab the scissors and trim about 1/2 inch below the seam of your desired length. Instant customization!

The Vertical Girl Clothing series include bras for $35, various tops for $50-$70, capris and pants for $50-$65. I love the Vertical Girl T-Shirts the company is selling for $19.00. You can buy all the pieces online from the Vertical Girl website.

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