Recycle Your Fuel Canisters With CrunchIt


One of the biggest problems with outdoor cooking is what to do with the fuel canister when it is empty? Following Coleman's lead with their Green Key Tool, Jetboil has collaborated with REI to release the new CrunchIt tool for recycling your used butane fuel canisters.

Even if you don't realize it, most fuel canisters are made of steel or aluminum and can be recycled alongside your beer cans. Depending on where you live, all you have to do is make sure all the fuel has been burned off, puncture or crush the canister, then throw it in your recycling bin. 

The new Jetboil CrunchIt tool safely vents and punctures any standard butane fuel canister. You can be sure that the canister is empty, safe and ready for recycling. 

The CrunchIt tool threads onto the Jetboil Jetpower or other standard fuel canister valve and vents any remaining traces of fuel. Once the fuel has been drained, the tool can be used to puncture the canister and renders it ready for recycling. 

The CrunchIt tool weighs only one ounce and can easily be clipped to a carabiner on your pack or key ring. A plastic safety cap ensures you won't puncture yourself or any of your gear. The tool includes a bottle opener and orifice jet wrench for certain Jetboil cooking systems, making it useful as a multitool. 

The Jetboil CrunchIt is available from REI for $6.95. Happy recycling!

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