SeaSucker Vacuum-Mounted Bike Racks

SeaSucker vacuum-mounted bike rack

Forget about factory mounts, trailer hitches, screws and straps, the new SeaSucker vacuum-mounted bike racks can be installed and removed from your car in seconds. SeaSuckers can be used as roof racks, hitch bike racks, or trunk racks on any type of car. 

Originally built for boats in salt water marine environments, the powerful SeaSucker vacuum-mounts offer a convenient way to attach bikes to your car without permanent installation. A single 6" SeaSucker can hold up to 210 lbs and the holding power can be multiplied by using two or more SeaSuckers together. 

The SeaSucker bike racks attach in seconds. All you have to do is moisten the surface of the cup and push on the integrated pump to create the vacuum seal. A red line gives you a visual indication of the strength of the vacuum seal. To remove, simply lift a tab to release.

The SeaSucker bike racks come in a roof rack version for three bikes with a skewer mount for locking down the front forks. The hitch bike rack version actually mounts to the rear window of your SUV, Van or Hatchback and holds up to 3 bikes.  

For smaller vehicles, a trunk bike rack attaches to the top of the trunk and holds up to 2 bikes. The small size means the bike racks can be stowed inside your car when not is use or taken with you when you travel for use on rental vehicles.

The SeaSucker bike racks range in price from $200-$600 and can be bought from the company website. So what do you think- would you trust your bike to a vacuum-mounted bike rack?

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