Yakima ShowDown Paddlesports Rack

Yakima ShowDown

Apart from storage space, one of the biggest complaints from kayak and SUP owners is the difficulty of getting it on and off their car. Sure you could buy a folding kayak or an inflatable paddleboard, but what if you want or already own a more high-performance rig? Yakima to the rescue.

The Yakima ShowDown is a special load-assist mount for your roof rack designed to make loading and carrying your kayaks and paddleboards a breeze. Dual arms slide out of the rack and tilt down, enabling you to load your vessel from a waist-high position instead of having to lift it up and over your head.

Felt-covered saddles on the ShowDown flex to the shape of your boat and can be positioned for the boat’s width and hull shape. Heavy-duty integrated tie-down straps secure your kayak or SUP to the rack mount.

Once your kayak is loaded, pivot the arms back up and slide them in. Two locking pins secure the mount arms to the roof rack for extra safety. The ShowDown also comes with two bow and stern tie-downs to ensure your boat doesn’t go anywhere when traveling long distances or at speed.

The ShowDown will carry one kayak or two SUPs up to 80 pounds in weight. The rack itself weighs in at 21 pounds.

The ShowDown uses a universal mounting system so will fit any bar shape — it even mounts without the use of tools. If you want to lock your rack, you can buy the SKS (Same Key System) locks as an accessory.

The Yakima ShowDown retails for $449 and will start shipping in June.

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