Better Protection For Both Your Bikes And Truck

RMU Tailgate

Trucks are great for hauling multiple bikes at one time but those same bikes can do a number on your tailgate or vice versa. To better protect your bikes and your truck’s paint job while making room for new bells and whistles like back-up cameras, Yakima and RMU launched new tailgate pad designs.

Rocky Mountain Underground (RMU), best known for their hand-crafted skis, has come out with a line of mountain bike related products. The large-to-small truck-compatible Tailgate Locker features a fleece-lined base for added protection with cable lock sleeves so you can keep your bikes secure when not in your truck.

The pad includes integrated tool storage, a cutout for backup camera compatibility, and most importantly — a beer cooler pocket. Keep your beer cold while you ride so when you come back to the car, you can celebrate with that all important trailhead brew. RMU’s Tailgate Locker will drop sometime in June and retail for $249.

Yakima GateKeeper

Yakima’s GateKeeper tailgate pad comes with a durable nylon exterior that protects your bike from your truck’s tailgate and a soft felt backing that keeps your truck’s paint protected. Integrated cushioned bike cradles along the top of the pad secure each frame in place with a Velcro strap to add an extra level stability and protection for your bikes. A tuck-away cover opens up the view for your back-up camera, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in tight places.

The Yakima GateKeeper retails for $139-$149 and comes in two sizes — medium and large. The medium size fits up to five bikes while the large size can fit up to six. Both of these tailgate pads are available now.

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