Klymit Adds Sleeping Pad Sheets

sleeping pad sheet

Sometimes you don’t want to use a sleeping bag when camping — a quilt might be more comfortable — or you want to add an extra level of coziness to your sleeping setup. Enter the Klymit sleeping pad sheets. Not only do they feel nice against your skin if you want to ditch the bag, but they also make your sleeping pad a level warmer.

The Klymit V Sheet ($29.95) and Klymit Quilted V Sheet ($39.95) are sleeping pad sheets designed to fit over a single sized Klymit Static sleeping pad. The sheets are removable, machine washable, and include a pocket that holds your camping pillow in place. Additionally, the sheets protects your sleeping pad from dirt and dust, prolonging their useful life.

The V Sheet is made out of 30D stretch polyester and weighs 3.2 ounces. Once on your sleeping pad, it increases the R-value rating by one R. The sheet measures 23” x 72” or  54 cm x 183 cm and can pack down to 7” x 3.5″ or 17.8 cm x 8.9 cm.

The Quilted V Sheet includes all the same features as the V Sheet, but with additional padding. The Quilted V Sheet is made out of 30D stretch polyester with soft synthetic fill. The sheet increases your sleeping pad’s R-value rating by two R thanks to the insulation. The Quilted V Sheet weighs 8.6 ounces and measures 23” x 72” or 54 cm x 183 cm — it can pack down to 10.5” x 5″ or 26.6 cm x 12.7 cm.

The Klymit V Sheet and Quilted V Sheet are both available now.

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