Declutter Your Garage With Steadyrack Bike Rack

Steadyrack Bike Rack

Do you own too many bikes you don't have room to store them all? The Steadyrack bike rack offers a vertical storage solution for garages or hallways where space is at a premium. Easy to install, simple to use, and nice looking, the Steadyrack is the perfect bike rack solution for your home or office. 

The Steadyrack bike rack is easily mounted to the wall, set at a height that is suitable for your bike.  The bike rack can be left in the central position or swiveled to the left or right, allowing you to store a number of bikes side by side. The Steadyrack fits the majority of standard bike and wheel sizes and the company is currently adapting them to fit 29ers as well. 

You can install the bike racks as close as your bikes will allow (handlebar width). The bike racks can be mounted even closer if you stagger the height of the racks along the wall so that the handlebars and pedals don't clash when the bikes are mounted at right angles to the wall. 

No lifting is required to load your bike on the rack and no strain is put on your rims or spokes like you have with ceiling mounts. Simply wheel your bike upright on the back wheel to the rack and guide the front wheel into position.

You can load your bike with the bike rack positioned at any angle, center, left or right. When not in use, the Steadyrack folds flat against the wall and is held in place with safety clips.

The Steadyrack retails for around $95 and can be purchased from the company website. 

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