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Kuat NV 2.0

The New and Improved Küat Hitch Rack

Kuat NV 2.0
Earlier this month, Küat Racks announced their new and improved NV 2.0 hitch-mounted rack. With an eye to quickly widening tires, the NV 2.0 now accommodates sizes up to 4.5 inches, while the redesigned wheel trays also allow for quick angle adjustments that enable you to stagger handlebar height, making it easier to mount two bikes together on the rack without banging into each other.

Tailfin bike rack

Turn Your Road Bike Into A Touring Machine

Tailfin bike rack

I have dreams of doing so many self-supported, multi-day road rides but I don’t really want to do them on a heavy, fully-kitted out touring bike or while wearing a large backpack all day. It looks like now I don’t have to. Tailfin is an ultra-light, quick release bike rack with a set of panniers that blends seamlessly into your road bike. Now you can still ride fast, but while carrying more.

Yakima HoldUp Bike Hitch Rack Review

Yakima HoldUp bike rack

When I was looking for a new car, finding one that was versatile enough for both commuting and my adventures was a challenge. Regardless, I needed a hatchback, so chose the Honda Fit.

Portable Roof Rack Fits Under Your Saddle

Quickrak portable roof rack

Don't want to spend money on a proper roof rack or keep one fixed to your car all the time? Have you ever broken down on your ride and needed to get a lift home? New San Francisco company QuickRak has come up with a portable roof rack solution so you can throw your bike on top of any car at any time. 

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