Portable Roof Rack Fits Under Your Saddle

Quickrak portable roof rack

Don't want to spend money on a proper roof rack or keep one fixed to your car all the time? Have you ever broken down on your ride and needed to get a lift home? New San Francisco company QuickRak has come up with a portable roof rack solution so you can throw your bike on top of any car at any time. 

The QuickRak consists of four parts: two straps and two pads that are used to secure your bike to the roof of pretty much any car. Each portable roof rack weighs less than one pound and folds up small enough to easily fit under your saddle, meaning you can take it with you everywhere in case of that unexpected need for a lift.

QuickRak portable roof rack

The pads attach to your handlebars not only to protect the top of the car, but to form a stable triangle when resting the bike on the pads and the saddle. One strap, connected to the rear wheel and frame, threads through the car door, while the other strap, girth hitched to the front wheel, can either connect to the trunk or hood of the car. 

QuickRak was started by San Francisco natives Sean Taffler and Roland Smart. As is usually the case, the idea came to the pair after a few too many beers at a bar, with no way to get their bikes home up the steep hills. With a portable roof rack, the two could have thrown their bikes on the top of either a taxi or their sober buddy's car and made it home safely.  

QuickRak debuted at Interbike this year and are getting ready to ship their first product. You can sign up on the website to be notified when the QuickRak portable roof rack goes on sale. 


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