Fiber Optic Omni-Directional Bike Light

Fiber optic omni directional bike light

Australian company Fibre Flare has a new take on the LED bike light. By placing a flexible fiber optic core between two high intensity LEDs, the Fibre Flare bike lights increase your safety by giving you omni directional visibility. 

Nearly 70% of all night time bike-car accidents are a result of inadequate side visibility. By regulation, front and rear bike lights are only required to illuminate in a forward and backward direction. Similar to the new bike light from Light & Motion, the omni-directional illumination of the Fibre Flare bike light ensures that cars pulling out of parking lots, side streets or even pulling up next to you on the road will see you faster and more clearly. 

Fibre Flare uses two high intensity LEDs placed at either end of a flexible fiber optic core to send constant or strobe light in every direction. They remind me of the glow sticks you used to get as kids at the fair. The bike light is powered by 2 rechargeable AAA batteries that will last for up to 70 hours of illumination. 

The fiber optic bike lights are super versatile in terms of wearing or mounting on your bike. Fabric clips let you fasten the light to your jersey, jacket, pants, or bag to give you visibility no matter which way the light hangs. Two silicone ladder slings slide over the fabric clips so you can securely fasten the bike light to your frame as well. The slings will fit something as skinny as your rear stay or as big as some oversized tubes. 

The Fibre Flare omni-directional bike lights come in 4 colors (red, green, blue, yellow) and are available in two lengths: full size (292 mm) and shorty size (250 mm). 


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