Train More Effectively With Restwise


If you are like most amateur athletes, you probably believe that if you just work harder and longer everyday, your performance will improve more rapidly. Rest days are for lazy people right? Well Restwise is looking to change your mindset and help you to see that through understanding what recovery time your body needs, you will ultimately perform better.

Restwise is a web based program that records and analyzes your personal data to give you an accurate account of how your training schedule is affecting your body and its ability to be pushed hard each workout. Restwise will help you be more flexible and realistic about when and how you train and whether not you should take the day off.

Each day, you simply log on to Restwise and answer a brief series of questions including your resting heart rate, body weight, sleep quality, oxygen saturation, hydration, appetite, muscle soreness, energy level, mood state, well being and previous day’s performance.

Restwise takes your data and churns out a recovery score for you along with a brief explanation of how to interpret that score and training recommendation for the day. You can chart your recovery score as well as individual data entries to see how your body has performed over time.

Restwise sells a pulse oximeter that you can use to test your resting heart rate and oxygen levels first thing when you wake up in the morning. The Restwise recovery tracking program costs $179 for 12 months plus the oximeter or $119 for 6 months plus oximeter.

So how many of you take your recovery time seriously?

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