Twin Six Fashionable Cycling Apparel

Twin Six Cycling Apparel

For those of you who are tired of the corporate logo explosions and pro team replicas, Twin Six's classic and timeless cycling jerseys may be just what you need. The company behind Fat Cyclist's team wear, Twin Six has started a graphic revolution in cycling apparel. 

Minnesota based designers Brent Gale and Ryan Carlson love to ride and believe that the time for better cycling jersey graphics is long overdue. The fashion forward graphics of Twin Six are featured on a collection of men's and women's technical cycling apparel as well as a range of casual T-Shirts. 

The cycling jerseys are made in the US from 100% polyester microfiber. The jerseys feature a 16 inch invisible zipper and three deep back pockets. Twin Six has recently released a 100% lightweight merino wool version of their Motor cycling jersey as well.

Graphics range from the classic London and Paris Speedy Bike Club to the statement pieces such as Dopers Suck. The women's cycling jersey graphics are a bit more understated (right or wrong) with some skulls interspersed with birds, argyle and checkers. 

A set of men's bibs, women's bike shorts, socks, caps, accessories and even onesies for babies round out the entire Twin Six offering. The men's and women's cycling jerseys retail for $75 and can be bought from the Twin Six website.

Twin Six Speedy Devil

Twin Six recently teamed up with Handsome Cycles to update the classic Devil frameset into the Speedy Devil. The 100% steel frame and fork feature killer graphics such as the "SPEEDY" downtube logo, mustache "H" Handsome logo on the headtube, and stars and stripes of the American flag. A 132.5 dropout spacing can accommodate both road and mountain hubs. With numerous rack and fenders mounts, the Speedy Devil can be yours next Spring for the handsome price of $499.95.

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