Burley Travoy Urban Bike Trailer

Burley Travoy urban trailer

Burley’s newest urban bike trailer, the Travoy offers you as a bike commuter a convenient and secure way to carry your stuff. You can haul a change of clothes, your laptop bag or 60 lbs worth of groceries behind your bike then once you arrive at your destination, simply unhitch the trailer to fold up and bring with you.

The Travoy hitches to the seat post or rear rack of any bike and rides at a 45-degree angle to redistribute the load weight for easier riding. The bike trailer can be set up in minutes and attaches or detaches within seconds. Burley claims the trailer option gives you better stability than using panniers or backpacks loaded with stuff.

The Travoy is designed to convert into a rolling cart by a simple twist of the wrist, allowing you to take the trailer with you to use as a shopping cart. Weighing only 9.8 pounds, the urban bike trailer stands on its own when loaded or can be folded down to briefcase size to carry with you indoors.

The Burley Travoy comes with a basic cargo bag and tie down straps for bulkier cargo. A full line of and commuting accessories such as rain fly, transit trailer bags and dry bags are available as well.

The urban bike trailer retails for $289 and is available now. I plan on getting one for my grocery shopping and farmers market outings.

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