Burley Releases Single Wheel Cargo Trailer

Coho XC

If you would rather not load up your mountain bike with bike bags, Burley now has a viable alternative solution for you. While I love my Burley Nomad, the new single wheel Coho XC looks absolutely perfect for singletrack and other offroad adventures.

The Coho XC features an aluminum frame with removable side panels and a spring suspension system that provides a smoother ride over rough terrain. Integrated accessory mounts on the frame let you attach bottle cages and other tools, while the flag pole doubles as a bottle opener.

The variable width yoke means the trailer can be installed on a wide range of bikes, tire sizes, and hub widths ranging from 126 mm to 197 mm. The trailer connects to your rear axle via a dual ball hitch and snaps quickly into place with dual locking cams. The release handle simulatenously disconnects both cam locks for easy removal.

One nice feature is a kickstand that holds both your trailer and bike upright — a small annoyance I had with the Nomad. The trailer itself weighs 21.5 pounds and can haul up to 70 pounds of gear in the 70 liter cargo space.

The Coho XC comes with an 16-inch offroad tire. You can purchase a plus size wheel kit for winter adventures and a road tire if you plan to use it for touring. Other accessories include cargo net, drybag to keep all your gear safe from the elements, as well as a rack that hooks on the fender and dual panniers to add even more carrying capactiy.

When not is use, the front yoke, rear fork, wheel, and fender can all be stored in the cargo area. The Burley Coho XC single wheel bike trailer retails for $419 and is available now. Time to start planning a bikepacking trip!

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