Ditch The Panniers For A Bike Trolley Instead

Bike Trolley

When bike touring, loaded down panniers or multiple bike bags can be hard to carry with you once you get off your bike, not to mention that all bikes aren’t exactly rack friendly. By comparison, the Sentier Bike Trolley can hook to your mountain bike, road bike, or gravel bike via a simple custom quick release and acts as a rolling duffel off the bike. Now you can be ready to tour almost anywhere in a couple of minutes–just chuck everything in the duffel bag and go.

The Sentier Bike Trolley uses a custom design quick-release that works for both 135 mm and 130 mm rear wheel spacing and fits any bike from 26″ up to 3″ fat tires. Sentier is also working to fit thru axles of 142 mm mostly used on disc brake gravel bikes. It would be pretty cool to ditch all the bike bags and bring this trailer on your next gravel bikepacking adventure or tour around Germany instead.

Because the trailer features only one 16″ wheel, it handles well, even on singletrack, and doesn’t overload your bike. The entire trailer, including wheels, weighs just over 15 pounds, supposedly equal to 5 panniers and a set of racks.  The 70-liter duffel is 100% waterproof and will support over 80 pounds of gear.

Bike Trolley

When heading overseas on a bike tour, simply bring the trailer with you as checked luggage and hook it to your rental bike at your destination. The hook and unhooking operations are easy and fast, tool-less and practical, every component designed to allow you to quickly convert the bike trailer into a rolling duffel and vice versa.

The Sentier Bike Trolley is made completely in Italy–the stainless steel frame of the trailer is laser cut and bended in Northern Italy, the assembly part is done at the same local facility and partially in-house in Rovereto. The duffel is made in Italy close to Treviso using recyclable locally sourced materials.

For roughly $560 over on Kickstarter, you can pre-order your Sentier Bike Trolley. Expected delivery is September-November 2016.

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