2X Is Not Dead Yet


So, it looks like you can actually ditch the pesky front derailleur without having to commit to a 1X setup on your mountain bike. Meet the Vyro AmEn1–this unique crank design combines the advantages of 1x and 2x drivetrains with those of gearboxes.

Vyro, a new component manufacturer based in Austria, wanted to take a completely new approach to drivetrain design with the AmEn1. The big chainring is segmented into four parts that swivel into (and out of) the chain line, smoothly and seamlessly picking up the chain. Instead of clunking from ring to ring, this technique provides a natural, harmonic shift. As the crank works by moving one segment of the big ring at a time when it is not engaged with the chain, you can shift under load without having to worry about busting your chain or easing back on your pedaling before cranking up the power again.

In combination with a 10- or 11-speed cassette, the 24/36 teeth AmEn1 crank provides a perfect Alps- or Rockies-worthy gear range. Smaller gear steps help you find the optimum ratio, and the little chainring helps you climb steep sections, especially with longer travel bikes. Although you can use the AmEn1 with both 10- and 11-speed cassettes, the company recommends the use of a 11-speed 11-40 cog cassette because in combination with the 24/36 cog cranks you will get the best performance.

No front derailleur also means no more chain/cage rattling on downhills and everything is designed to be run without lube–all moving parts are engineered to slide against each other.

The Vyro crank fits on all frames with BSA and/or ISCG03/ ISCG05 standard bottom bracket mounting. For shifters, you may use any as long as it has 8mm cable pull–all newer model SRAM and Shimano shifters have this cable pull.

The AmEn1’s lightweight construction means it is most suitable for All Mountain and Enduro style riding–Downhill and Freeride riders need not apply just yet.

The Vyro AmEn1 crank retails for around €330 and can be purchased from the company website. Vyro hopes to have a US shop up and running by the end of the summer.

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